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Principales fonctionnalités

- Comptage entrées/sorties en temps réel
- Présence en temps réel
- Discriminer les enfants, le personnel
- Statistiques journalières
- Statistiques hebdomadaires
- Statistiques mensuelles
- Statistiques annuelles
- Et bien d'autres...


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Certified Partner 2020


Onze mensen tellen oplossing voor qui applicaties?


image centre commercial

Malls, supermarkets, department stores…

  • Analyse the circulation flows,
  • Identify the attractiveness of each zone,
  • Measure the advertising campaigns impact,
  • Estimate the security staff needed and meet the fire safety requirements.

Sales outlets

image point de vente

Wether you are retail chain, retail shop or convenience store, you can :

  • Measure the transformation rate and the attractivness of your business,
  • Adapt your sales force and the work schedules to the crowd,
  • Identify the hot and cold areas of your sales outlet,
  • Calculate the ratio between the frequentation and the investments (marketing costs, advertising campaigns ...),
  • Be aware of your business evolution.


image salon

Exhibitions, fairs …

  • Measure the success of a free entry event,
  • Improve the organization of the event according to the crowd,
  • Compare your investments and the number of visitors.

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